With our breakthrough hybrid-electric EViation drive system and the inherent efficiency of the airframe, the DaVinci delivers a far lower cost per passenger mile than any other aircraft in its class. The onboard range extender generator uses readily available 100LL or automotive gasoline and sips fuel only when needed to top off the battery packs in flight.  During takeoff and climb (and for short cruise flights) your machine silently slices through the air as a pure electric plane, and the low-emissions, smooth and nearly-silent range extender generator turns on automatically when the battery charge level reaches your pre-set limit.

On the ground you can charge your DaVinci in just a few hours from a standard 220V power supply (all adaptors included) or you can run the generator if need be.  Hi-Flex solar wing and fuselage coverings are easily installed for when your DaVinci wants to soak up the sun on the ramp while waiting for your return.


In most light aircraft, the 20th century engines are deafening and the propwash crashes against the windshield. With the electric EViation Drive mounted aft of the cabin, a whisper quiet propeller and sound-dampening insulation throughout the cabin, the whole aircraft is amazingly quiet both inside and out. So quiet, normal conversation on the ramp and on board is possible without the need for headsets or intercom.  Such a peaceful flight experience, and an end to airport proximity neighborhood noise complaints, is a true revolution in the industry.


The airframe itself is a canard-pusher design for a reason: not only does this make the DaVinci sleek and fast, but this configuration is much less likely to stall or spin–the number one contributor to small aircraft safety incidents. Every structural component of the DaVinci is built with the latest composite materials, which makes it not only incredibly stable and agile, but able to withstand tremendous loads, corrosion, weather, and UV exposure over many years of service life.

The revolutionary EViation Drive system found in the DaVinci is the safest and simplest system available today. Compared with the increasing complexity of typical internal combustion engines, the EViation Drive has just a few moving parts. Fewer moving parts means less opportunity for engine failure, dramatically increasing overall safety while reducing maintenance time and cost.


Ease of operation is built into every detail of the DaVinci. The canard-pusher configuration is stall resistant, and the headache of combustion engine management has vanished, just like the noise. With unique failover features and a simple, large format EFIS interface, the DaVinci comes with greater pilot confidence and lighter cockpit workload than ever before. The latest in moving maps, synthetic vision, and an optional HUD help you make more and better decisions, faster. Flying has never been this easy.


Slow is a dirty four letter word to our design engineers.  The DaVinci offers plenty of payload and a roomy, luxurious cabin, but she flies like a fighter jet.  If you’re old enough to remember scoffing at the first attempts at electric or hybrid-electric cars, think about how far they’ve come in performance and handling and imagine adding a third dimension of flight…  and we’ve taken it far beyond even the best EVs on wheels.  The DaVinci is not your grandad’s puddle jumper, and as nostalgic as we may be, and grateful for their heritage, the reality is that dirty, noisy, fuel guzzling, high-maintenance aircraft are now of a bygone era.

EViation Drive

The Volta Volaré DaVinci is not just a uniquely designed and customized aircraft, it is far and away the most technologically advanced private aircraft available anywhere on Earth. The EViation Drive and Energy Storage System (ESS) delivers more torque and horsepower than any 20th century internal combustion engine. Consisting of state-of-the-art motor/generators by CORE Innovations and a unique rotary range-extender, the series-hybrid drivetrain can be charged by common aviation fuel available at nearly any airport on the planet without needing to be plugged in. Performing silently and with near-zero emissions is just the beginning: with the same moving parts as on one hand, the hybrid electric EViation Drive requires minimal maintenance, requiring one-tenth the maintenance of an internal combustion engine. Simple, robust, and powerful, the EViation Drive is the future of aviation drivetrains.

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