Safety Meets Performance with Next Generation Technology


Our primary reason for existence is to enhance the safety of private air travel. Our designers, engineers and industry partners have come together with simple and elegant solutions to the most common safety issues facing private pilots and their passengers. The GT4 represents several breakthroughs in materials science, electronics and engineering that you won’t find in your grandad's puddle jumper, or even in most multi-million dollar private jets.

The airframe itself is a canard pusher design for a reason. Not only does this make her sleek and fast, but this configuration is much less likely to stall or spin, which is the number one contributor to small aircraft safety incidents. Every structural component of the GT4 is constructed with the latest carbon fiber composite material, which makes your machine not only incredibly stable and agile, but able to withstand tremendous loads, corrosion, weather and UV exposure over many years of service life.

The Volta Volaré GT4's EViation Drive system is one of the safest ever devised for general aviation. Compare the complexity of internal combustion engines designed over 60 years ago, and note that the EViation Drive has one moving part. Fewer moving parts means less opportunity for engine failure, dramatically increasing overall safety while also reducing maintenance time and cost.

With unique failover features and simple EFIS interface, you will fly with greater confidence and lighter cockpit workload than ever before. Busy cockpits mean more distraction and opportunity for pilot error, so we incorporate the latest touch-screen large format EFIS to lower your workload in any conditions. Our moving maps, synthetic vision and optional HUD help you make more and better decisions, faster.