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Only 10 Volta Volaré GT4 aircraft remain available for the initial production run, and only 36 are scheduled for production in 2016. Reserving your position is critical to getting ahead of the pack as far and as quickly as possible. Deposits are fully refundable under most circumstances, and your place in the production queue may be transferrable to other qualified customers.

To secure your position just call 888-99EVAIR, or email

Launch Pricing

Delivery Date

$ 495,000 USD (includes interior, paint and EVionics)
$ 9,900 USD (2.0%) Deposit refundable any time prior to scheduling production of your personal aircraft.
With our current projects, development schedule and available production capacity, expect to begin assembly approximately 90 - 180 days from Deposit date and assembly time of approximately 60 – 90 days. Much of this depends on you, but our professional sales representatives are with you every step from initial order to flying your GT4 home.

To Reserve

Simply complete our Reservation Form and a Volta Volaré sales representative will contact you to Reserve your GT4.

To Confirm

Volta Volaré will contact you 30 days prior to beginning assembly of your GT4 to confirm your order and finalize your preferred options. Additional funds will be deposited upon confirmation of your order to begin production, and at pre-set stages of completion.

To Accept Delivery

Once your aircraft is completed, an FAA examiner must first check your and our Builder Assist Team's work and issue a Certificate of Airworthiness. Then you simply pay any balance due to receive the e-keys to your revolutionary GT4. We won’t let you fly it away, however, until you have undergone comprehensive training by one of our factory-certified transition instructor pilots to ensure your safety and full enjoyment of this high-performance machine.

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