Fast Mover Advantage


The first 40 orders placed automatically qualify the owner for the GT440 program

Our Premier Package puts you miles and months ahead.

With Volta Volaré Premier you’ll experience a seamless reservation, production and flight preparation process. Take advantage of the assistance of a qualified build team, guiding and assisting you in production to complete the aircraft quickly and efficiently. For customers whose purchase of a GT4 represents their entry into self-piloted aviation, primary pilot training is included.

Volta Volaré Premier 440 Package includes:

  • GT4 Aircraft: complete components with distinct finishes and badge
  • Preferred Access to Upgrades: As technology rapidly accelerates to push your aircraft even further, we provide preferred access to our GT440 members. You will be entitled to every new innovation, enhancement and performance upgrade before anyone else.
  • Executive Access: GT440 membership entitles you to direct access to our executive, engineering and management team leadership. The optimal means to personal touches and customization for the discerning private air traveler and aero-technophile.
  • VIP Access: Special access to airshows, fly-ins and glamorous events, plus invitations to seminars & symposiums and rare access to information on emerging technologies and opportunities in the EV world. You may even be invited to showcase your aircraft and skills in feature films, documentaries and record-breaking events.
  • Build Assist: You gain professional support with the right to work alongside our team of pro builders in one of our state-of –the-art facilities in Florida or Oregon.
  • Ongoing Training: Every GT4 comes with basic familiarization training, however GT440 membership entitles you to ongoing training at members-only seminars, events and by personal visit. Any time an upgrade or enhancement is incorporated into your machine, you can be sure that you will be enabled to make the most of it.
  • Pilot Training: Volta Volaré believes everyone should have access to the convenience and luxury of private air travel. Our Premier Package customers are entitled to advanced training to help them love the aircraft and experience even more. Training occurs at our facilities in Florida and Oregon.
  • Ownership Structuring: Volta Volaré and its asset management experts will consult and work with you to construct a business structure that provides the most effective means of ownership for your particular preferences.
Reserve Your Volta Volaré GT4 today and Contact Us to learn more about the Volta Volaré GT440 Premier Package.