Luxury and Performance in a Full-Size Aerial EV

Volta Volaré has struck an elegant balance of all the right elements sought by the discerning private air traveler. The GT4 gives you exceptional speed, stability and range in a spacious and near-silent cabin, at the lowest operating cost of any aircraft in its class. Many say that it is in a class by itself, as the GT4 defines the next generation of private aircraft.



Each Volta Volaré GT4 is custom hand crafted from lightweight and tremendously strong carbon fiber composite material. Her sleek lines and powerful curves are the product of some of the greatest minds and sculptors’ hands in the industry. Be prepared to display your GT4 to the hovering crowd wherever you land, and to tell the tower what they just saw silently lift off and speed away.



Exceptional airplanes become an extension of the pilot and your passengers' lifestyle. We enable you to customize the cavernous interior and use it to its utmost potential, with renewable & sustainable materials, excellent ergonomics and elegant, modern tools for simplicity of operation and passenger enjoyment. The touch-screen glass cockpit boasts full synthetic vision (even an optional HUD is available) and your passengers can enjoy movies, music and games, or get work done with multiple A/V jacks, power plugs, USB ports, fold-down screens and slide-out table tops.

EViation Drive


Your Volta Volaré is not only uniquely designed from the ground up and customized inside and out. She is far and away the most technologically advanced private aircraft available anywhere on Earth. Under the cowling and in wing compartments of the GT4 is revolutionary technology that puts you years and miles ahead of any other private air traveler. Our EViation Drive and ESS delivers more torque and horsepower than any 20th century ICE. That it does so silently and with near-zero emissions is just the beginning. With one moving part, the hybrid electric EViation Drive requires minimal maintenance and offers TBO times up to ten X of an ICE.