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What we do to bring this machine and it's technology to you is not About Us ... it's about you, your community, humanity, our planet and how we'll hand it off to future generations. We are about innovation, inspiration, collaboration, job creation and liberation. That's all there is to say ... About Us.

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology and innovation in aeronautics & aerospace, the vision of Volta Volaré is now becoming a reality. We’ve assembled a team of the brightest and most innovative minds in materials science, chemistry, nanotechnology, industrial design, electrical & aeronautical engineering and manufacturing to make the luxury and convenience of private air travel attainable for more people than ever before.

Thousands of fulfilling jobs have been eliminated as foreign manufacturers have outdone many American general aviation manufacturers in the past few years. The economic condition and austerity in America has forced us to rethink what made the US aircraft industry the envy of the world, and how we can regain our footing and competitive advantage. Volta Volaré is doing just that, by thinking differently, planning wisely, working diligently to solve challenging problems that face the industry and our entire planet.

By reducing cost of ownership, maintenance and operations, our team is helping to get people flying again. By reducing emissions, noise pollution and fossil fuel consumption our team is helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy our beautiful skies and planet from above, and every place they might alight.

We welcome all who share our concern for the environment and vision for the future. We invite you to fly with us, work with us, and share your experience and expertise to further the evolution of technology for all of us. As we continue to develop new products to increase range and comfort, and to reduce emissions and costs, we hope that you and your loved ones will get to enjoy this journey as much as we have.

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Paul R. Peterson